Hi There! I'm
Pushkar Anand
A graduate who is very passionate about computer application & programming.

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Institution : Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Degree : BE Information Technology
Duration : 2010 - 2014
* BIT Mesra follows absolute grading system.

Class 12


Institution : M.G.M. Higher Secondary School
Year : 2010
Board : CBSE

Class 10


Institution : M.G.M. Higher Secondary School
Year : 2008
Board : CBSE


Web Development
Have fair experience with web development. I'm well acquainted with various components used in Web designing like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, AJAX etc and have also created a few web sites.

Mobile App Development
I initially started with Symbian App development but later shifted to Android and Windows Phone app development. I'm well versed with various components used in Mobile App Development on both Android and Windows Phone.

By far I have spent most of my time coding in C/C++ and tried to venture various sections of language like pointers, standard templates library, classes and its application in various fields like Linux kernel development.

One of my very challenging project used Python for its backend processing. During this project I learned various tools in python like multi-threading, socket communication etc. I also developed few GUI applications using Python.

I used Java mostly during Android app development, Java mobile application development and few random assignments. Different concepts I used where constructors, polymorphism, threads, sockets, packets etc.

I also have little bit exposure to .net framework, node.js, socket.io, Web RTC, jQuery Plugin development and few other components which I used in some of my projects, but I don't have deep knowledge of these.


Aurora Online Judge

Co-developed an online judge to evaluate codes submitted in 15 different languages. For this I used various Linux system commands to compile and execute the programs. Also used sand-boxing technique using chroot command to trap the programs inside a folder. Used sockets for separation and establishing proper communication between web interface and execution program.
For this project I have to learn to optimize queries, create load distribution mechanism and also use various techniques for securing server from malicious codes.
Technologies Used: Sandbox, Sockets, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, Python


Designed Front End of the College's Annual Fest's Website. For this I used JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML5 to animate objects on user events and thus making navigation much more interactive. I used AJAX to dynamically load data. Also used PHP to dynamically create certain part to the website and to give administrators ability to easily update the website.
There is a seperate site for mobile users with all the facilities of Desktop Version. For this I used Mobile Detect's PHP script to detect the device being used to access the site and if it not a PC, then mobile site is shown to the user. Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP
See archived version

mPlayer - jQuery Plugin

Developed jQuery Music player which enables user to quickly add a music player with multiple tracks on their website. Also added few methods which let user to control the player by any custom script.
Technologies Used: jQuery


I have completed following Courses on Coursera:
  • Computer Networks offered by University of Washington.
  • Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1 offered by Stanford University.
  • Learn to Program: The Fundamentals (Python Programming) offered by University of Toronto.
  • Computer Science 101 offered by Stanford University.
I have received following Certificates:
  • Cognizant Certified Student (IT Foundation Skills) offered by Cognizant.
  • Network Management offered by Nettech.
  • Industrial Training offered by SAIL.

Work Experience

Sept 2015 - Present

Software Developer @ Handy Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Worked as a front-end engineer to develop client facing as well as operations website. OnGrid is an Aadhaar based platform where users can manage their own profile as well as people they regularly interact with. Had to consume internal restful APIs as well as third party APIs to expose features like bio-verification, geo-tagging addresses, data analytic, document management, data migration, report generation, etc.
Technologies Used: Angular JS, Polymer Js, jQuery, JavaScript, Google App Engine, Google APIs

Jul 2014 - Sept 2015

Associate Developer @ Labs, Bangalore, India.
Worked on SAP Fiori Cloud Build system to develop a build server for Android and IOS app. Exposed Restful APIs and used SAP UI 5 (a JavaScript MVC) to develop a web based client.
Technologies Used: PHP, Cordova, Python, JavaScript, SAP UI 5